Title: DAY

Concept, Content Acquisition, Editing, Writing, Design, Layout, Typesetting

This project was a collaborative endeavor that invited authors to write about a specific time of day, in a way (poetry/prose, fiction/non-fiction) of their choosing. The result was a collection of ten various perspectives, from early sunrise to late at night, tied together by a chronological thread.

In addition to developing the creative concept, I commissioned the specific contributors and edited their work for inclusion. I also penned a piece as part of this literary roundtable of sorts.

Design-wise, I worked with visuals that would not overshadow the text. The gradient on the cover was taken from a photograph of the sky at dusk, and the repeated diagonal lines mimicked the sun’s overhead path as the day develops. Each line was utilized on its own to emphasize the written work’s position within the larger context. For example, the short story set at noon included the completely vertical line, which echoed the sun’s position directly overhead.

The author’s name and time of day were the elements that move across the page, intersecting the moving lines and relating to the table of contents, respectively. All of these subtle changes aimed to quietly underscore the temporal, progressive nature of the work without detracting from the reading experience itself.