Concept, Design, Branding, Identity, Applications (Posters, Digital)

This branding project revolved around a proposed skincare search engine, where users could input various products to adjust their routines to increase ingredient efficacy (by changing application order, or combinations.) It was the result of research on a millenial demographic, and in particular the ‘skintellectual’ cohort that valued information, self-care and maximizing resources.

‘Highlight’ was selected as a title to emphasize the idea of casting light and knowledge onto a dark field. The tagline “illuminating the science of skincare”  alluded to demystifying jargon. The name also, of course, touched upon the glowing nature of skin in its top condition. 

The black and white branding imagery, featured on posters for advertising and the online search engine, showcased close-ups of skin - giving the brand a sophisticated, textural feel and welcoming universality. The irregular circular dot - alluding to the organic and individual nature of skin - was repeated throughout, above the ‘i’ and also as a framing shape. Combined with the lavender brand hue, it made for a recognizable brand identity even from a distance.