Concept, Content Acquisition, Editing, Writing, Design, Identity System (Logo, ︎︎︎Website, Collateral for ︎︎︎Social)

The parts:whole anthology was an evolution of DAY, a collaborative endeavor that enlisted writers to respond to prompts that spoke to a larger theme. Because of the success and interest in DAY, I decided to expand its scope and make it an annual literary anthology.

For the second volume, HOUSE, I again invited ten writers to create work inspired by a specific part (a type of room) related to a greater whole (HOUSE). As the project’s creative director, I commissioned the writers (several of whom are published already), edited their work and designed the visuals.

The look of the accompanying website and social media handle was redesigned to reflect the new theme. In particular I utilized floorplan motifs, with separated rooms to highlight individual work, and an imagined if nonsensical layout for the landing page to reflect how writers were coming together in a collapsed space.

Neutral palettes and the use of graphic, linear elements provided visual rest from the text heavy subject matter and gave the project both a literary feel as well as an accessible reading experience. The collaterals for social media also featured said details, remixed in between evocative pull quotes.

The third volume, WATER, will be out in 2023.