Concept, Content Acquisition, Editing, Writing, Design, Identity System (Logo, ︎︎︎Website, Collateral for ︎︎︎Social)

The parts: whole anthology was an evolution and continuation of the book project Vol 1: DAY, a collaborative endeavor that enlisted various writers to respond to prompts (sunrise, morning... evening, night, etc) that all together, spoke to a larger theme (DAY).

Because of the success and interest in DAY, the series expanded to become an annual literary project. The second volume, titled HOUSE, is forthcoming later in 2022, and similarly includes different writers penning pieces inspired by a  prompt related to a greater whole.

The design and look of the accompanying website and social media handle was reimagined, keeping in mind the fact that it would have to eventually accommodate a number of diverse themes and topics.  

Pastel accents and vintage illustrations both provide visual rest from the text heavy subject matter and give the project a literary feel not rooted in current trends, but in the classically relevant. Navigation was kept simple and utilitarian, as to not disturb the reader experience. The collaterals for Instagram also adhered to those ideas, with the palette restricted largely to black and white, and the images remixed in between evocative quotes pulled from the individual pieces.